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To get started simply click the "Get Started" button below. Once at the map page, start by entering the address of your farm, or you can click the "Use Computer's Location". If you need further assistance simply press the "Help" button in the upper right portion of the map page. When you're ready to complete your order simply click the "Show Order Form" button in the "Review Totals" tab to proceed. It's that easy.

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Step by Step How-To

Step #1 Are you in the area?

We are currently operating in North-eastern Montana and North-western North Dakota. If you are just outside our service area please don't hesitate to call, depending on the size and nature of your order we may be able to accommodate your needs.

Step #2 Are your crops ready?

Next you will need to decide which fields are ready for imaging. Our data will produce the best results when the plant canopy is, for the most part, masking the ground from above. We want to photograph as much vegetation as possible without the ground reflectance "washing" out the plant reflectance. This will vary from crop to crop but on average about 6 weeks from germination is a good start.

Step #3 Order Service

Once your crops have matured enough for effective imaging then you're ready to schedule your first photo flight. Simply proceed to the "Get Started" link above to identify your fields. When naming your fields try to be as specific as possible, we do not recommend leaving them named "Field 1" etc. It is recommended that you schedule photo flights weeks in advance in order to guarantee the area can be photographed when the crops are ready.

Step #4 Sit back and Relax

After you have placed your order just sit back and relax. Weather and schedule permitting, we should be able to complete your order within 36 hours.

Step #5 Analyse the data

When we have photographed your crops and processed the imagery you will receive an email link to your data. At that point all you have to do is login, and your imagery will be available for viewing and/or downloading. If you need any assistance in interpreting the data we will be more than happy to accommodate.

Step #6 Put the Data to work

At this point you're looking at your data and scouting your fields. This is where you and your local crop advisor, NRCS rep, or County extension agent can develop a plan forward. Where should I focus post-emergent fertilizer? Where should I focus herbicide or pesticide applications? Should I change my irrigation plan? Farming is hard work, using our imagery will make it easier.

Step #7 Submit claim for Reimbursement from the CSP

If you are participating in the USDA's Conservation Stewardship program (CSP) you may be entitled to benefits by proving that you are using precision agriculture techniques. This may cover all or some of what you paid for our imagery. If you are not enrolled in the CSP program please follow the link arrow to find out more.

Step #8 Time to Re-Image

You received and analysed the data from the early growth stage and you have taken action to minimize loss and maximize yields. Now its time to record what you have done to prove that you and your crops are on the right track in the mid season stage of growth. This is where the profits are really made, focus on the areas that are booming and forget the areas lagging behind.

Step #9 The big white combine

Let's hope you never have to use this step but if that dreaded hail storm does decide to harvest your crop before you do, we are there to help. We can record exactly the areas that are affected so you can provide proof to the insurance companies, what is alive, and what is dead or dying. This is especially useful if you have previous imagery to compare it to.

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