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Terms and Conditions

  • This agreement is between Big Sky Aerial Technology, LLC, and the Customer. The Customer is defined as the individual(s), organization(s) or party(s) to whom we will be rendering our services and/or products and may be referred to as "You" at any point in this agreement. Big Sky Aerial Technology, LLC may be referred to as "We", "Us", "Our" or "Big Sky Aerial Technology, LLC". We reserve the right to modify these terms without notice. Current Terms and Conditions are located at under "Terms and Conditions".

    There will be no modification to an existing agreement(s) by either party(s), without written (or electronic) consent/agreement from all party(s) involved. The Customer must be of legal consenting age in order to sign and enter into this agreement.

  • User Account

    By creating a user profile account on, you agree to these Terms and Conditions. All information is confidential and will not be shared without consent. Big Sky Aerial Technology, LLC will utilize this information for customer contact, annotation of user history and past services provided.

  • Financial

    All quotes provided from are subject to final review, modification and acceptance by Big Sky Aerial Technology, LLC. At our discretion, we reserve the right to refuse service and modify any quote as necessary, followed by customer approval. You agree to pay Big Sky Aerial Technology, LLC, all fees quoted in addition to paying all applicable Local, State and Federal taxes. Taxes will be calculated upon final dollar amount determined and may vary upon location. All other services above and beyond any existing agreement will be charged accordingly based upon current rates and a modified or new agreement.

  • Payment

    Payment will be made in accordance with the agreed method, preferably via the secure payment method located at Payment is due within five (5) days of project completion. Project completion is determined by the date and time that the final data delivery has been made. Any other method of data delivery may require payment before final delivery. Failure to pay within agreed terms will result in forfeiture of all agreements as well as any rights to the imagery and data provided based upon current agreement.

  • Operations

    You agree to allow Big Sky Aerial Technology, LLC to over fly your property and gather imagery and all data necessary to process and deliver the final product. Flight characteristics such as elevation, direction of travel and/or flight path shall be determined by Big Sky Aerial Technology, LLC in accordance with current FAA regulations and are subject to change without notice. Big Sky Aerial Technology retains full rights to all imagery and data gathered with no date of expiration. The Customer will also retain full user rights to the said imagery and data after full payment has been made, while also agreeing that the limits of use are not to exceed the original intended purpose. Any re-sale of imagery by the customer is strictly prohibited without written consent of Big Sky Aerial Technology, LLC.

  • Data

    Big Sky Aerial Technology, LLC, will retain imagery data for an undetermined amount of time. We reserved the right to remove/delete any data from storage beyond 120days unless the agreement contains an extended storage clause with associated fees being paid.

  • Product Delivery

    Delivery of final product(s) will be in electronic format. If data is of a substantial size and cannot be mailed electronically (email) you will be directed to a storage array where all data can be retrieved via your electronic connection. All other methods of delivery will require additional resources and fees.

  • Disclaimer

    You agree that any data provided is to be used for reference only and Big Sky Aerial Technology, LLC and any of its employees or affiliates are not held liable for any form of loss, whether financial, material or personal due to its use, data collection methods, and/or operational practices.