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who we are

Big Sky Aerial Technology LLC

Big Sky Aerial Technology LLC is based out of Redstone Montana.

Big Sky Aerial Technology has over 20 years of industry specific knowledge with 4 years focused on very specialized imagery collection, analysis, and dissemination. With strong engineering backgrounds in the aviation industry, both commercial and military; Big Sky has over 10,000 hours of varied airborne operations experience. Most importantly, Big Sky Aerial Technology also bring years of farming experience. The company founder grew up on a wheat farm in North Eastern Montana and his goal is to provide a product that will not only serve his customers, but his family as well.

our history

  • In late 2013 the genesis for Big Sky Aerial Technology was formed. While deployed to Afghanistan a fellow co-worker started asking me about farming and farming practices. After asking why, he began telling me about near infrared photographs being taken by drones over vineyards and used to assess plant health and stress. After asking a lot of questions and doing a bunch of research I knew that this was something I wanted to be a part of.

  • In the spring of 2014 Big Sky purchased a near infrared camera and headed out to Montana to image large wheat fields on the family farm. Initially the plan was to use drones for imagery collection so the first test was performed from a friends Cessna flying at 500 feet. The imagery turned out much better than expected. However, at 500 feet I would need at least 50 pictures to have full coverage of just a 100 acre field. I realized that the drone approach was not going to be feasible. Drones cannot fly high enough or long enough to photograph large areas of land. I was back to square one. Fortunately the answer was just around the corner. In late 2014 on my last deployment to Afghanistan the pilots on my program convinced me that an airplane was the way to go.

  • Big Sky Aerial Technology purchased an airplane, designed this website, and developed a proprietary flight planning and flight guidance program (Big Sky Flight). In early summer Big Sky Aerial Technology successfully imaged and produced NDVI photographs over cropland in Colorado and ended the season collecting test imagery in Nebraska.

  • Purchased and tested a new ENDVI processing program (Remote Sensing Explorer).

  • With the Success of the 2016 crop season in Montana, Big Sky moved its entire operation to NE Montana in hopes of gaining my first customer base. 2017 turned out to be one of the driest years on record. Not a lot of business was performed this year. However the flight planning and flight guidance programs (Big Sky Flight) got some really nice upgrades to better facilitate turnaround time for imagery collection and ability to receive new web orders inflight.

  • Praying for Rain!


Looking for an exciting opportunity to work with a high tech start up?

Although we are a new company, we have big dreams. If you would like to discuss an opportunity to join our team please let us know. We are looking for highly motivated team members with the following experience.

  • Airborne Operator with Class 3 Medical

If you are interested and qualify for any of the above positions please fill out a contact form. We would love to talk to you!


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    We have designed this site so that all your orders, new imagery, and historical imagery will be available to view, download, or store. No need to worry about losing your data. It's all right here whenever you need it.

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    Whether you prefer paypal, credit card, or a bill that arrives in your mailbox. Our payment options are built to suit you.

our standards

Whether you're a one time customer or a customer that has been with us for years. I want your experience to be a truly satisfying one that you would gladly share with others. Customer service seems to have gone by the wayside these days. Not here. Want to chat, give us a call, we would love to hear from you.

our principles

“... It is my ultimate goal with this company to bring to you the absolute best service possible from the time you click submit on your first order to years later when you want to look at old data. You will find it all here...”

Ronald M. Lester

Founder and CEO